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What We Do

Turnarounds, Workouts and Windups

SEER can work with a company, local or foreign, that is in financial and/or operational difficulties, or with its creditors or investors, to determine if the company can be saved, to help it recover if recovery is possible and to minimize losses and other negative consequences if the company can't be salvaged.

Survivability assessment

SEER can identify and deploy the appropriate expert or experts to rapidly evaluate a firm’s business and prospects for survival and, if survival is deemed possible, to provide an initial overview of how it can be achieved. Such an evaluation often saves investors and creditors large sums compared to a wait and hope approach. 

Turnarounds and workouts

SEER and its partners are highly familiar with turnaround and workout procedures in SEE and CEE countries. Indeed its managing director is a Founding Vice President of the Croatian Turnaround Management Association. In addition, SEER’s membership of the Wyn River network provides it with strong international turnaround and workout resources. Accordingly, when a situation calls for it SEER can provide resident or non-resident experts in turnaround management and/or in a troubled firm’s specific business areas.

Interim Management

Many troubled companies can be saved if the right measures are taken with speed and determination. But the managers of companies in difficulty are frequently blind to the problems facing them, naively believe that they can resolve these problems on their own, are willing to take an all or nothing bet on their ability to save their companies or are otherwise unable or unwilling to take the swift and decisive actions necessary to enable their companies to recover. This endangers the creditors, employees and owners of these companies.

For these reasons independent management is often required to turn around companies that are at risk of failing. To deal with these situations SEER forms teams of experienced, skilled professionals capable of rapidly and effectively taking control of a troubled company and bringing it back to profitability. These teams can, for example, combine local experts in finance and operations with local and foreign specialists in a wide variety of specific industries and functions. SEER also has access to specialized, easily implemented software for, for example, facility management, process optimization, fraud detection and the like, that its teams can make use of to quickly identify problems and rapidly rectify them. SEER can thus deal with troubled companies in many business sectors swiftly and at a reasonable cost.


When the situation is too difficult to permit repayment of all of a company’s obligations in a timely manner, SEER can work with the company and its creditors to prepare materials for pre-bankruptcy, bankruptcy and similar procedures. If a pre-bankruptcy agreement is reached, or a bankruptcy proceeding begun, SEER can monitor the company’s performance and/or conduct the sale of the company or its assets.

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