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Events of 2021

We’re pleased to announce that SEER’s Founder and Managing Director Dr. Michael Glazer will present a series of lectures/workshops on the theme “Biology and Billions: Doing well by doing good as a biotech entrepreneur”.


The lectures are sponsored by Zagreb’s BIOCentre biotech incubator in cooperation with HAMAG BICRO and the Enterprise Europe Network. They will be held in three two-day sessions: April 22-23, May 5-6 and May 20-21.


During the first two sessions, Dr. Glazer will present the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in a manner tailored to the background and needs of scientists and engineers exploring an entrepreneurial adventure. The third session will be devoted to examining the challenges and opportunities that times of rapid change create. Dr. Glazer will use the current COVID-19 crisis as a motivating example.


Dr. Glazer’s lectures will address on the following topics:


April 21-22

  • Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers, The Fundamentals I

    • Commercializing Scientific Research: An Overview

    • Marketing: Why the Better Mousetrap Hypothesis is Wrong)

May 6-7

  • Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers: The Fundamentals II

    • Sales: The Lifeblood of Business

    • Valuing a Business: The Basics

May 20-21

  • Topics in Entrepreneurship COVID-19: Problems and Opportunities in Times of Crisis

    • COVID-19: Problems, Solutions, Opportunities

    • Fog, Black Swans and Evolution: How to Deal with and Profit from Uncertainty, Surprises and Change

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