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About SEER

SEE Regional Advisors Ltd. (SEE regionalni svetovalci d.o.o. in Slovene and SEER for short) was founded in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2013 as a vehicle for clients to benefit from the expertise of its founder and his colleagues in the countries and markets of Southeast Europe. Since its establishment SEER has steadily expanded its range of activities and its geographical reach until now it forms the core of a network of experienced, independent professionals and professional-service companies that possess a wide variety of expertise valuable to for-profit companies, NGOs, governments and other institutions.

In collaboration with its associated firms and organizations (including those from the Wyn River and PCB-Paierl Consulting networks with which it works closely), SEER is able to advise on topics ranging from aviation to zoology in most countries in Europe and many beyond. It and its associates have assisted companies at every stage from startup to scaleup to exit and at every level of business success from booming to failing. They have guided infrastructure and other projects through all phases from planning, management and supervision to close out and audit. Their expertise and experience include as well corporate and project finance, M&A and executive advisory and strategic planning.


The teams that SEER assembles are tailored to meet a client’s specific needs and are managed to ensure those needs are fulfilled. These teams can provide their services at prices far lower than those of the Big Four and the other usual-suspect consulting firms, because, as project-based groupings of independent professionals, they have neither the overhead nor the deadwood that burden those firms.


Accordingly, when a client pays SEER for a senior professional it gets an expert with twenty years of experience, not a new hire overseen by an overstretched partner. Indeed, team members are often engaged by larger firms to do the work those firms have contracted to perform. SEER, for example, helped recruited much of the team that conducted the 2019 SRSS-funded project to reform Bulgaria’s insolvency framework.

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