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What We Do

Corporate Advisory

Helping good companies become better

Great opportunities can create difficulties even for a good company if it can’t exploit those opportunities because its existing organizational structure, business model or business practices get in the way. SEER advises on how to resolve these issues quickly and effectively.


Assisting any company meet unexpected or festering problems

Sudden, unforeseeable shocks like COVID-19 can throw any company off balance. Other challenges, like difficulties with digitalization or product innovation, are predictable but often hard to deal with. SEER and its network of specialized advisory partners can rapidly bring to bear the necessary expertise to assess and resolve a wide variety of such problems.


Generational Transfer

The owners of many companies in Southeast Europe are reaching retirement age. Yet often they, and their families, have failed to engage in even the most basic planning for ensuring a smooth transfer of power and responsibility to a new generation of managers, whether chosen from within the owning family or selected from outside it. SEER guides owners through the sometimes fraught and complex process of planning for generational succession and of implementing the resulting plans once they've been devised. It also assists in the particularly difficult cases when a younger generation is confronted with an unplanned for, and possibly unforeseen, succession. SEER's assistance in this regard often overlaps with its Executive and Strategic Advisory services.

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