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What We Do

Executive Advisory and Strategic Planning

Executive Advisory

Top-level businesspeople are often isolated. From their subordinates certainly. But also from their boards, their firm's owners and their peers both inside and outside their firms. It's hard for them to explore new ideas, to identify and correct personal weaknesses and in general to get useful feedback on how they can perform better without risking unacceptable personal and professional consequences. What they frequently need but seldom find is an experienced, knowledgeable personal advisor with whom they can share their ideas, plans and concerns in total confidentiality and in turn receive thoughtful, candid and practical advice. SEER provides this.

Strategic Planning

More generally, SEER helps clients to understand their businesses better and guides them in using their new knowledge to develop effective, implementable strategies to make those businesses more successful. SEER can delve deeply into a business’s capabilities, competitive position and financial and organizational resources if this is desired. But it can also provide managers with quicker, less detailed analyses of their businesses in order to identify areas that the managers should examine in more detail themselves. Dealing with the sensitive and complex issues of generational change is a SEER specialty.

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