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Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisitions are among the most momentous steps a firm can take. They are always time consuming, often expensive and frequently fraught with risk. The risk includes not just the possibility that the acquired firm will not be worth as much as it seemed it would be but also that it will not be as good a business or cultural fit as it appeared. For these reasons, the purchase price is seldom the only expense an acquisition entails. Additional expenses usually include, at a minimum, the significant cost of merging business lines and cultures. And while savings are frequently anticipated they aren’t always realized.


As to time consumed, the process of identifying a target, approaching it and closing a deal may take many months. Equally important, top management will inevitably be deeply involved in devising an acquisition strategy, assisting in the target search and leading the negotiations that may or may not result in a deal. Firms being acquired have similar concerns, compounded by the reality that they are giving up much of their future independence and so are reliant on the competence and good will of the company acquiring them.


Given these realities, a company considering making an acquisition or being acquired would do well to obtain the best advice it can as soon as it can in the acquisition process. For this reason, SEER stands ready to help in all phases of the acquisition journey, from strategic planning through the search for a partner, arrangement of finance, detailed negotiations and ultimately transaction documentation. Here, SEER’s expertise in Strategic Planning, Finance/Financial Advisory and Business Expansion will prove valuable as will the Supporting Services it can bring to bear. Following an acquisition, SEER’s Corporate Advisory services will often be useful in ensuring that the acquiring and acquired firms swiftly mesh their businesses, personnel and cultures in an effective and efficient manner.

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