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What We Do

Supporting Services

SEER’s network of fairly priced, highly competent professionals is available to all its clients, not just those that have engaged SEER for, say, fund raising or strategic advice. Skills available range from legal, tax and accounting to presentation design, digital marketing, lead generation and translation and copyediting. 

Supporting Services
Finding quality professionals at reasonable prices is hard anywhere, and it’s even harder in SEE. Yet getting the right advisors, while important for any company, is essential for those keen on expanding into new territories, intent on an acquisition or sale or facing strategic or financial challenges. For this reason SEER has cultivated a network of capable, fairly priced experts in fields of importance to its clients. These include not only the standard areas of law, accounting and tax but also translation, editing, presentation design, sales lead generation, digital marketing, facility management, energy conservation, business process automation, manufacturing optimization, credit insurance/receivables management and risk analysis and mitigation among numerous others. SEER also has available to it, and makes available to its clients, state-of-the-art software to automate many business processes.

Business planning and loan application assistance
Local companies are sometimes quite creditworthy with quite good projects, but they lack the skills to create strong business plans or loan applications. SEER can help such clients prepare excellent business plans and loan applications while at the same time teaching them how to handle these tasks themselves in the future.

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